When you arrive for set-up on Friday, August 9, 2024 your booth will be set based on your package selected on your registration form.

All booths are sold in 10×10 increments. Each booth is offered furnished or unfurnished. The furnished package includes tables skirted with white fabric linens, chairs, wastebasket, carpet and fabric white walls. The unfurnished package includes carpet and fabric walls only.

Shelving and additional furnishings are offered through RPMXPO Services for an additional cost. Two and four shelf units in 4 and 6 foot widths will be available through RPMXPO Services. The shelving rental form will be available through our website under Exhibitor and then Exhibitor Service Manual. This information is only available online and will not be mailed to you.

Please refer to the Booth Plans on our website for single (10×10), double (10×20), and triple (10×30) booths.

Exhibitors requiring larger or custom booth locations should specifically inform the SEST office of their set-up requirements by enclosing a detailed sketch of their booth with their contract by the deadline date of April 15, 2024.

Any registration form received without specific set-up requirements for their booth, will receive Plan A for their booth setup. SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE FROM THE STANDARD SET-UP AFTER YOUR BOOTH IS DECORATED, THERE WILL BE A $75.00 CHARGE PAYABLE AT THE SHOW.


Your meeting room or suite will be available for set-up on Friday, August 9, 2024. You may request a floor plan of how you would like your tables and chairs set up. These rooms come fully equipped with all tables and chairs. Shelving rental and additional lighting is the responsibility of each exhibitor. Banners and signage along with installation will be supplied by The Atlanta Shoe Market for each meeting room and suite.

Each and every exhibitor exhibiting in the meeting rooms is responsible for the Southeastern Shoe Travelers Annual Dues of $55 and the market fee of $150.00 per person.