Member Point System / Booth Assignment Process

The Atlanta Shoe Market follows a member point system when assigning booth and meeting room space for all shows. The point system does not allow us to deviate nor assign booths at random for any of our members.  

For any new exhibitors or those unfamiliar with the point system, we strongly encourage you to read the following information.

How Does the Member Point System Work?

Each member (registered exhibitor) earns points under their name (not under the company name). 4 points can be earned each year, per member.  Points cannot be combined nor transferred.  The points remain under the individual member. 


How to Earn 4 Points Per Year:

  1. Pay your $55 SEST Annual Membership Dues (1 point)
  2. Register and pay the February $150 Market Fee (1 point)
  3. Register and pay the August $150 Market Fee (1 point)
  4. Attend the Annual Membership Luncheon on setup day in August (1 point)


When you register for a show, your contract is placed in point order, per category. If your contract has multiple members listed, the points of the member with the highest number of points will be used towards the booth assignment.


Contract Example:

Member 1 has 19 points

Member 2 has 4 points

Member 3 has 31 points

Your contract would be placed in point order with your requested category utilizing the 31 points from Member 3. Member points cannot be combined.

During the booth assignment process, each contract is assigned the best space available when your contract is reached in point order, per category. 


For a detailed review of the point system please click the link below.

Member Point System