In the dynamic world of fashion, the Atlanta Shoe Market stands as a beacon of innovation and growth, thanks to the leadership of Executive Director Laura Conwell-O’Brien. Recently, Laura was featured in Footwear News, where she shared her experiences and insights on managing the rapid growth of the Atlanta Shoe Market.

The Atlanta Shoe Market has seen a surge in international attendees and exhibitor requests, selling out in just two weeks for the August show. To accommodate the growing demand, Laura has plans to expand the event to an adjacent hotel by 2024. This expansion will not only provide more space for exhibitors but also offer a broader platform for shoe enthusiasts and industry professionals to connect and collaborate.

But the challenges don’t stop there. With the rise of digital technology and virtual events, staying relevant and offering a unique and engaging experience for attendees is more important than ever. Laura is committed to keeping pace with these advancements, ensuring that the Atlanta Shoe Market remains at the forefront of the industry.

Laura’s dedication to the Atlanta Shoe Market and her forward-thinking approach are truly inspiring. Her leadership is not only driving the growth of the Atlanta Shoe Market but also shaping the future of the shoe industry.

We invite you to read more about Laura’s journey and her vision for the Atlanta Shoe Market in the full Footwear News article here.

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