It’s nice to see a trade show in full swing. I commend Laura Conwell-O’Brien, executive director of the Atlanta Shoe Market, for her solid commitment to continuing to produce a show despite the ever-changing rules, restrictions, and conditions, while also working to make all attendees comfortable.

The brands were in Atlanta to do business and retailers were there to do the same. But that is not news. What is news? The Atlanta Shoe Market was a trade show experience as close to pre-pandemic shows that I can remember. While there were precautions in place, including a temperature check each day, it was not intrusive and it offered a continued level of comfort. The traditional cocktail party along with casino night sent an all-clear signal that shows are back, attendance is back, and business is being done. While I haven’t taxed my vocal chords in a long time, talking over the live band with great music was refreshing….(Continue Reading)